Passover Song Parodies

(Sung to the tune of "Under the Sea")
(by Gary Teblum)

Our people were running quickly
Not stopping to even bake.
They dreamed about a new homeland
Not simply for their own sake.
They saw what must lay before them
The red sea, they could not pass.
They all turned to look at Moses
He needed to move quite fast.
Through the red sea.
Through the red sea
Clearing a pathway
It was a great day
Take it from me.
Yes, a miracle this may be
You can tell from all the glee
Quickly they scampered
Couldn't be hampered
Through the red sea.
Egyptians followed behind them.
And into the path they go.
But no sooner were they in there
That G-d did close down the show.
Egyptians were not so lucky
They drowned on the water's floor
Such wonderful thing did happen
What more could we ask G-d for?
Under the sea
Under the sea
That's where Egyptians
Are having conniptions
Now we are free.
Yes, it's a miracle that this may be
You can tell from all the glee
We were all saved there
That's why you should care
‘Bout the red sea.

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