Passover Song Parodies

(Sung to the tune of "Let's Go Fly a Kite")
(by Gary Teblum)

There's a father with sons numbered four
He explains the tale and the lore
As he tries to relate
A story that is great
It's what G-d did for me
As he made us all free.
Oh, Oh, Oh
First, there's the son with smarts
He understands the part
That he plays when we
Retell the story.
Tell him about the laws
Don't give it any pause
Oh, that's why he's astute.
The wicked one's son number two
Asking what this all means to you
Himself he excludes
You must answer the dude
It's what G-d did for me
As he made us all free.
Oh Oh Oh
The simple son he's not so keen
He asks what this all means
You must tell him plainly
That which happened
How G-d's mighty hand
Took us out of the land
So that we might be free.
The fourth son may seem somewhat rough
Because he does not know enough
To ask any question about what we know
You must teach him each year
Til it's perfectly clear.
Oh Oh Oh
Passover -- celebrate
Remembering our fate
G-d did much for us
When we were in Egypt
Freeing us from slavery
Now we all can see
G-d led us to be free.

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