Passover Song Parodies

Pharoah's Nile
(Sung to the theme from "Gilligan's Island")
© by Randi and Murray. Spiegel, Passover 1995
Just lean right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip
That started back in ancient times, while under Pharoah's whip.
Well Moses was a pious man, G-d made him brave and sure,
Though Pharoah was a mighty man, his heart was not pure,
his heart was not pure. 
Old Pharoah started getting tough, the Jews were harshly bossed.
If not for the courage of the fearless few, our people would be lost,
our people would be lost.
They cried to G-d, please rescue us, conditions here are vile.
Send Moses, and Aaron, too, to save our children and wives.
We'll leave this land at G-d's behest, here on Pharoah's Nile. 
So G-d said Moses take you staff and with your brother go.
To Pharoah you will plead your case, to let my people go.
Well Moses, he sure did his best, but Pharoah was not moved,
'Til G-d sent down ten dreadful plagues, and His power was proved,
His power was proved.
The frogs, the lice, and even boils, could not make Pharoah bend
'Til slaying of the first born males, threatened Pharoah's life to end,
threatened Pharoah's life to end.
The Jews escaped miraculously, when G-d helped them to flee.
Egyptian armies followed them, but drowned in the deep Red Sea.
So this is a tale of our ancestors, they wandered a long, long time.
They had to make the best of things, it was an uphill climb.
So join us here each year my friends, it's sure to be worthwhile,
Retelling how the Jews escaped, far from Pharoah's Nile.

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