Passover Song Parodies


Had he saved us, saved us, saved us,
Saved us from the mean Egyptians
And not given them conniptions, Dayenu
Had he given those Egyptians
Unforgettable conniptions
Without smashing all their idols, Dayenu
Had he smashed up all their idols --
Pulverized those gal- and guy-dolls
Without killing all their first-born, Dayenu
Had he killed all of their first-born
(Made the families so forlorn)
Without giving us their riches, Dayenu
Had he given us their riches
Split the sea (we walked with fishes)
But not drowned the Pharoah's army, Dayenu
Had he drowned the Pharoah's soldiers
Forty years we hiked 'round boulders
But had given us no manna, Dayenu
Had he given us that manna
-- Go eat as much as you wanna --
But had kept the Shabbas from us, Dayenu
Had he given Shabbas to us --
This day's for rest, not for commerce
But not brought us to Mount Sinai, Dayenu
Had he brought us to Mount Sinai
Through the desert, it was so dry
And not given us the Torah, Dayenu
Had he given us the Torah
Where we sang and danced the Hora
And not led us into Israel, Dayenu
Had he led us into Israel
(So far this is quite a long tale)
And not built for us the Temple, Dayenu
Had he built for us the Temple
So to pray we do assemble
But had not made Manischewitz, Dayenu

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