*NOTE: I do all above, separately, in the food processor

Let grated apples stand in fridge, uncovered, to turn brown. When brown, add ground nuts. Now here's the thing with the nuts: they should not be powdery, but ground into little tiny chunks. Mix in sugar, cinammon and ginger and a few hours before the Seder, add the wine, to moisten and to taste. (very little wine is needed)

I make enough for the 2 Seders, counting on about 30 - 40 people per Seder, including kids.

This charoset recipe has been in my family for decades many generations, in fact! It's easy to prepare, but should preferably be made a day before the first Seder, to allow the apples to brown. It's also fool-proof, and need I say, delicious! I've never had a soul refuse seconds- in fact, they DEMAND them!