Source: "Welcome To My Kitchen" by Sandra Temes

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Place large Pyrex pan which has 2 tbsp. oil in it, into heated oven. Pour boiling water over farfel to cover. Let stand for 1 second and then drain well.

Beat eggs well; add sugar, oil and mix well.

Add orange which has been cut up into small pieces in blender and puree. Add to farfel. Place thin layer of farfel mixture at bottom of Pyrex pan. Cover with a layer of sliced apples; dot with 3/4 of jam.

Repeat farfel, apples, dot with 3/4 of marmalade. End with a layer of farfel and then dot top of the pudding with remaining marmalade and jam.

Bake uncovered for l hour. Cool. Cover tightly; place in refrigerator overnight. One hour before serving, cut into squares, sprinkle with l/4 cup wine, cover tightly with foil and reheat at 325 degrees F for l hour.

This is very sweet but very delicious.