Passover for Kids


Passover Wordlet  -  Brain Puzzles for Passover.  Share with friends at the Seder.
Passover Games  -  A whole selection of fun Passover games for the kids.
A Passover Coloring Book  -  Pictures that tell the story of Passover that can be printed for coloring.
Passover Coloring Pages  -  Easy to print and color pages.
Prepare Your Seder Plate Game  -  Position the items correctly on the seder plate.
Pharaoh Sees the Ten Plagues   -  Nice graphics and simple.  Requires Java enabled browser.
Passover Crafts and Activities  -  Nice activities for the kids.
Children's Passover Books  -  Choose from a nice selection of Passover related books for Children.
300 Ways to Ask The Four Questions: From Abkhaz to Zulu  -  The most engaging book to hit your Seder table.