Passover Videos


20 Things to do with Matzah


Matzo Man

Who Let the Jews Out?

Pesach Cleaning Craze

The History of Passover

The Story of Passover in 7 Minutes

Google Exodus

Matzah Rap

Time to Find the Afikomin

Martha Stewart's Streit's Tour

Matzoh Making in the Ukraine

K4P Commercial


The Tech Guru highlights Kosher4Passover.com on TV

Jeopardy contestants get really easy Passover clues.

Jeopardy Clip #1
Jeopardy Clip #2
Jeopardy Clip #3
Jeopardy Clip #4
Fond Memories of the
Concord and Grossinger's Hotels

The Colbert Report
Passover Commercialism
Aired: 3/29/2010

Jewish families embrace the Christmas spirit of commercialism with "Jewpardy" and the Ten Plagues Finger Puppets.

Play Passover Jewpardy

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Faith/Off - Easter vs. Passover
Aired: 4/9/2012

Passover celebrants have to take it up a notch to compete with the chocolate eggs and fake grass of Easter.

Woody Allen explains Passover

Robin Williams explains Passover

Mayim Bialik ("Amy") explains Passover

Tommy Pickles Parts The Red Sea | A Rugrats Passover

Let My People Go - The Ten Commandments