Literary Structure of the Plagues


Exodus source Forewarning Time indication of warning Instruction formula Agent
First series 1 Blood 7:14-24 yes "in the morning" "Station yourself" Aaron
2 Frogs 7:25-8:11 yes none "Go to Pharaoh" Aaron
3 Lice 8:12-15 none none none Aaron
Second series 4 Insects 8:16-28 yes "in the morning" "Station yourself" G-d
5 Pestilence 9:1-7 Yes none "Go to Pharaoh" G-d
6 Boils 9:8-12 none none none Moses
Third series 7 Hail 9:13-35 yes "in the morning" "Station yourself" Moses
8 Locusts 10:1-20 yes none "Go to Pharaoh" Moses
9 Darkness 10:21-23 none none none Moses
Climax 10 Death of Egyptian firstborn 11:4-7
yes none none G-d